Sunday, May 28, 2006

Uh Oh!

I may have entered the "Motherkitty" zone of bad luck! The spa just stopped working - no lights, no heater, no blowers. Nothing is wrong with the breaker, the whole thing is just dead! Time to call the hot tub tech., how much will that cost? Now if bad things come in threes, the air conditioner started making some loud noise, and the toilet started leaking! We fixed the toilet (it only took five hours and the use of a hacksaw & dremel tool to get off some rusted tank bolts!) I will have to call the air conditioner service man. We can't go without air conditioning in Florida. It seems that we have completely skipped spring and we are already in the middle of summer, with temperature topping 90 degrees already! All this to do and I am leaving on the train on Wednesday!


squire said...

Problems aways seem to "gang up" on me, also.

bob said...

Is it realy that hot there I shall be in Florida next week so I guess I will see for myself.

jellyhead said...

Uh oh!

Hope it all gets sorted out quickly for you.

Heather said...

It's already been 107 degrees here in West Texas, We can't go without air conditioning here, either,

I hope everything gets fixed quickly and inexpensively. :-)

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Motherkitty didn't say it comes in three's...she said in BUNCHES.*LOL* I's no laughing matter.

I hope you get things fixed before you have to leave on your trip, but you don't have very much time, and it is a holiday weekend.

Motherkitty said...

Tuff, just now catching up on my reading blogs. Kids just left after having been here for five days.

I know you have already left on your trip, but I wanted to let you know I KNOW what you have been going through with everything going bananas just when you think your life is in order. Hope you got everything fixed before departure and hope you have a wonderful train trip.