Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Detecting again!

Today a detective friend of mine asked me to go with her on a cold case that she is working on. Approximately five years ago some jerk was digging a ditch in a rural area of the county with a large backhoe. He came across a skeleton of what he believed to be a female. He decided that he did not want to get involved, so he buried the bones and didn't tell anyone. Five years later his drunken mouth overloaded his drunken ass and he told his beer buddies about the find. This was overheard by the bar maid - who called police. A couple of months ago, cadaver dogs searched the ditch and scented on an area. It was the rainy season and too wet to dig in the ditch; so it was marked and left for later. Today we went to see if the area was dry enough to excavate. We had to climb a gate, then walk about a mile in to the site. We found the area to be much more dry. The green grass was dead now and brown, revealing a bone in the grass. This is possibly an animal bone, (or maybe human) and it was over a hog wire fence where we could not access it. I photograped it with my camera phone, but had no measurment reference with me. We marked the area of the bone before we left so forensics can go back tomorrow and collect it. While I was out there I saw several animal tracks. Racoons, wild pigs, deer, and this photo of a large paw. Again, I didn't have a reference with me but it was about four inches in diameter. It looked like a large cat paw, maybe a bobcat. I wish I had taken my pocket camera, but I didn't know that I would see so much! Maybe I will go out next time. Sometimes I miss working!


susan said...

This is awesome! No wonder you sometimes miss working, not many folks can say that. Such an adventure, it sure beats working on the shed in the backyard(?).

Keep us posted!

jellyhead said...

I can see why you would miss working - it all sounds so intriguing! Hope your friend gets the mystery solved, and that you get to go on a few more adventures!

Motherkitty said...

Wonderful! Wish I was with you on this adventure. No wonder you chose police work as your vocation. I hope you are able to come out of retirement and are asked to assist on this case more. Looking for more updates from you.