Monday, January 22, 2007


They took the old building out of the yard. It is still in good enough shape to be used, so I gave it away to a friend. My new building has an all steel frame and sides and will be much more manageable to maintain. It will be delivered next week. I will be glad to get my "stuff" into the new building. Everything is in such shambles now, strewn all over the yard!

Here is a photo of Matt at his first job at the local grocery store. He seems happy to be working and making some money.

I am leaving tomorrow morning to fly up to Virginia to see my mother for a week. I want to help her out with some chores, and take her to the store to buy a new mattress.

(note: reference my last post - the bones turned out to be animal when forensics techs collected them.)


Motherkitty said...

Out with the old, and waiting for the new. I'm sure you will be happy when the new building is all set up and you can stow your "things" in the new outbuilding. We are very happy with ours (Mennonite-built) and we were able to free up quite a bit of space in our garage. We are going to set up a work-out area -- our own gym -- and a place for husband to refinish furniture.

Hope you have a nice visit with your mother. Take care and hope the weather is good to you.

susan said...

Bummer, just animal bones? I was waiting on the edge of my seat for the rest of the cold case story...

jellyhead said...

Hope your mother is going well, and that you enjoy your time with her.

Talk to you when you return!

Kerri said...

It's nice that a friend gained by the upgrade of your storage shed. Storage space is to be prized!
I hope you have a lovely visit with your mom, and know she'll enjoy having your company!
Glad Matt is enjoying his first job. Good on him for getting out there and earning some money of his own!
It's cold here!!!! Winter has finally arrived in NY.