Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Double O seven!

James. . . . .James Bond. . . . Wow! It's 007! In years to come we will be saying, "Remember double-o-seven?" Wise crackers will reply -"Ian Flemming?" Just good fun! I love the "00" numbers. They only come once a century, so enjoy them while they last!!!! I hope everyone had a happy new year celebration. I have been working on my "tearing down the pigeon coup project", but the rain slowed me down a bit. Let's hope we can all keep our new years resolutions! I am not writing much these days, but I am keeping up on my blog reading. More soon.


Paradise Driver said...

I love the "00" numbers. They only come once a century

Actually they are rarer than that. They only occur for 10 years every millennium.

TUFFENUF said...

PD> you are right! Now I like them even more! Either way, you & I won't see them again!

susan said...

I imagine you are taking advantage of this warm weather to work on your outside projects. Don't work too hard! Have a great weekend!

Kerri said...

Oh yes, 007...I hadn't thought of it before :)
We're still having rain up here instead of snow. It's weird weather for January. The thermometer outside our back door read 62º (16ºC) this morning and we had a downpour after lunch. We've also had some bright sunshine throughout the day!
I hope you have an exciting 007 kind of year Tuff. Blessings to you and your family. xox

jellyhead said...

So, have you seen 'Casino Royale'? It really is good - full of ridiculous stunts, rippling muscles and scarred villians. Of course, you have to be a 007 fan!