Monday, November 20, 2006

At least not "dead last"

the boys of the lower brass section

The PHS band participated in the Florida Marching Band state finals this past weekend. We had no hopes of taking home any trophies, but we were happy to have scored high enough to be included in the competition. We placed "seventeenth" but at least not dead last! Although it sounds low, that is a state placement, so if you take all the marching bands in the state, we are 17th ranked, so that's not bad! It is a great feeling when the band takes the field. I have always loved marching bands, but when your own kids are involved it is extra exciting! As they took the field, the crowd was quiet as the band stood at parade rest ready to perform. Overwhelmed with a burst of pride I screamed, "Preston - you are my baby boy!" This was loud enough for the entire stadium to hear and everyone laughed. There was no question who the screamer was, because I stood up on my seat with my red shirt emblazoned on the back with "Preston's Mom". I just can't help myself. Being a mom is my proudest accomplishment.
Band is over for this year, and even with all the work, I hate for it to end!


susan said...

I bet Preston could have crawled off the field! Just kidding, congrats to the band, job well done!

jellyhead said...

that is sooooo funny! You were proud and VERY enthusiastic!

When my kids are teenagers, I intend to embarrass them as much as possible (I feel as a mother it is an important part of my job!)

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Being a mom is my proudest accomplishment too.

Did you embarrass Preston? I know how teens are about these things. But then he did let you come out of the house with that T-shirt, so I'm sure he felt a sense of pride when you screamed out from the stands.