Friday, November 03, 2006

I am Hemi - & u "can't touch this!"

Do you believe how cute I am? I am the youngest of my two other dog brothers, but I am the top dog. I can do whatever I want. I can out run and out maneuver the old Airedale, Ransome. I stay out of the way of the grumpy Jack Russell, Buddy. He tries to be stingy with the food, but I can out think him too. The other dogs are so stupid that they run into the garage when mom opens the door. I don't do that - mom is getting ready to answer the front door and I want to see who is there, not run into the garage like a moron. I like to sit on the back of the couch and look out the front window. I can see neighborhood dogs and cats from here, and occasionally a squirrel. I have to tell the people when I want to play, not by barking, but with a little "woo-woo-woo". Somehow they like that and think I am cute, so then they will play. I like to play frisbee. I don't care if they don't like it in the house, I bring it through the doggie-door anyway. (hey people, if you don't want to throw it in the house, get your lazy ass up and come outside). They also think it is so cute when I know the difference of my toys, and they are always saying, "go get the ball" or "go get the squirrel". This seems to entertain them, so I do it. I will suprise them one day and bring a real squirrel in through the doggie-door!!! I like the red head mom the best. She cuddles me and talks baby talk to me. The other mom (old bag) is here with us all the time now, and it is convienent to have someone to wait on me full time. They better not be going off all weekend again with the band. Damn-it if they leave us alone again that long I swear I will chew something up (and blame it on Ransome - that old fool!) Anyway, I better "paws" & get off the computer before the old bag wakes up and catches me!


Motherkitty said...

Was this guy speaking disrespectfully of you, the "old bag"? Or, are you the red head?

What a very cute little doggie. Makes you want to cuddle him and talk baby talk to him. He should know better than to want to play with the Frisbee in the house. He might break something. And then you will be really mad.

jellyhead said...

Hemi, you are very naughty to be so rude about your owners!

But because you are so smart (knowing the difference between the names of your toys - impressive!) I will forgive you just this once.

Now be good to the 'old bag' and tell her I said hi!

Texas2Tennessee said...

Oh the horrors of your dog suddenly speaking English...I would be soooooo busted if Miss Mocha ever decided to spill. kind to your people...face it, they do control the food and toy supply!

susan said...

This is hilarious! I wonder what they are really thinking?

Kerri said...

That's a cheeky dog you have there :) He's very cute though, so I can see he just might get away with it. He really should be more respectful though. Calling you 'Old Bag' is just not nice! Shape up Hemi, and don't underestimate the 'old one' and the 'grumpy one'...they might surprise you one day!