Friday, May 11, 2007

Florida is on fire

When I went for my bike ride today it was very smokey. The wild fire smoke is carried by the wind all over the state. Usually I can see for a mile; today although the sun was out, it looked like a cloudy day.
This was a red-winged black bird, waiting for clearance to take flight. This is very sad to me and I wonder if this is our future. No rain in the forcast, the only thing that will save us. My thoughts go out to all who are caught in the fires. My clothes smell like a campfire. The smell is starting to creep into my house.


Andrew said...

Nearby in Georgia has been badly hit as well. In Alabama, we badly need some rain and today looks promising. Let's hope the weather pattern is changing! Take care...

Andrew in Alabama
The 4th Avenue Blues

Inez said...

Esta foto é muito linda! Eu gosto muito de pássaros! :D

Sandy said...

It's too bad about the wildfires of southern Georgia and of Florida. I heard that interstate 75 was closed due to the fires. I hate it when my neighbor burns with the smoke and smell filtering into the house, so I can imagine what it must be like there. I hope they get the fires put out soon before too much is destroyed.

meggie said...

That smoke is dangerous to breath, so take care. I feel for all the birds & insects & other little creatures.

jellyhead said...

Tuff, I'm so sorry to hear about the fires in your state.

I hope you have managed to enjoy Mothers Day with your mom (and that your boys have told you how wonderful you are as their mom!)

Congrats too on your recent improved fitness - it takes a lot of determination to make changes like that.

It's good to hear from you again after a bit of a blogging break (yes, of course we noticed!)

:) Jelly