Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Somewhere over the Atlantic. . . .

As I write this I am thinking about Preston jetting over the Atlantic ocean in the "big" plane! I told him to take lots of photos of everything, even inside the plane! He will be arriving in Frankfurt at 9:25 AM tomorrow morning. There are 27 people in his tour group, and only a few of them are adults. (Pray for those poor folks) I got a hug & a kiss at the airport. When he was boarding the tram to go to the air side, he looked back at me - I hope he couldn't see the tear running down my cheek. (I kept thinking, "stop it - stop it!" - It's a damn trip, not a death in the family!!!) I have never been a cry baby - except when it comes to him. I was melancholy on the drive home from the airport. Of course when the Tuff gets sad, the Tuff goes shopping!!! - so I did! I am remodeling Preston's room while he is away, so I ordered some new carpeting and bought some cardboard boxes. Tomorrow I will start emptying his room. I am going to paint and buy him a new desk and eventually buy him a "murphy bed". I have plenty to do while Preston is gone. I will be keeping busy and trying not to worry. Thanks to you - all my blog buddies - for your kind comments!


Sandy said...

I'm sure Preston has arrived in Europe by now. I know that it's a long flight. Jimmy was sent to Germany twice by his employer and it was a long flight over.

It's good that you're keeping yourself busy and what a surprise Preston will get when he returns home...a new remodeled bedroom. When can you come over and do mine? hehehe.

Preston will be so surprised.

Sandy said...

Oops!...I just looked at the time and realized that Preston is still over the Atlantic...duh me, that was your post title.
(Not 'duh me' but "somewhere over the Atlantic...")

jellyhead said...

Oh, I can relate to the tears.... I once cried when my best friend was going overseas...for only a month!

Keeping busy sounds like a very good plan :)

Motherkitty said...

When we were kids, my sister and I slept in a Murphy In-a-Door bed in our parents' living room (we lived in a four-room apartment with only one bedroom).

The modern version (as seen on HGTV) is sleek, versatile, and nice-looking. It also gives a smaller room much more livable area. Good for you for tackling such a big project. Keeping busy is the answer to the empty-nest syndrome.

I'm sure Preston will have a great time in Europe and you will find a changed person when he returns. He will no longer be a young kid; he will be a "man." BTW, don't let him see you cry over him. He'll just say, "Oh, mom, stop it!" and act all embarrassed. I know how you feel, though, because I went through the same thing with my son when he went off to the U.S. Naval Academy. He was never the same and neither was I.

Bob said...

Oddly enough we have a small city about 70 miles south Of here called Preston.