Tuesday, January 17, 2006


You can't leave anything laying around at my house. We have already lost a wallet, leather cell phone case (luckily the case protected the phone inside - it only has a few teeth marks) and a TV remote control (that belonged to the cable company). Today I was mowing the grass, and saw something just as I ran over it with the lawn tractor, something shiny. "Holy shit!" I exclaimed as I recognized my glasses just as the wide back tire rolled over them. I haven't seen them in a while. Now I know why. Who knows how long they have
been laying in the yard. That's
not dirt on the lenses, those are
doggie teeth marks. The people
at the eyeglass place sell these
"titanium" frames with "poly carbonate" lenses that will hold up under any conditions. Lets see if they can explain this! I hope I got the extended warranty!

When I marched into the house and confronted the culprits by saying "WHO DID THIS?" - they all just looked away in an effort to avoid any pending punishment. I would imagine that they all had a paw in it. Dogs, ya gotta love 'em, they don't know the difference between our "stuff" and toys. (or do they?)

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Texas2Tennessee said...

Oh my! Like children, a dog's short term memory only spans 45 seconds. I bet they all looked at the floor and became very small when presented with the mangled eyewear! Yes, you've got to love the furry creatures with the big brown eyes!