Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Mapquest was WAY wrong!

I was travelling to the middle of Florida pulling my trailer the other day. I had the mapquest directions with me, that I had printed out for the trip. My son was reading them off to me as we got close to our destination. "Turn left on Lake Gibson Drive". I turned and said, "Are you sure this is right? This is a skinney dirt road." That's what the directions said. OH GOD! I am at the end of this road that is a private dead end drive to someone's house. Worse, I have a 31 ft. trailer behind me! Can I back out of this narrow road, about an eighth of a mile? I noticed that the driveway was circular, needle eye at the end, tall bushes and trees on both sides. I made a BIG turn taking out a lot of bushes and tree branches in the driveway as their dog went crazy barking at me. Thank God no one was home, I did no real damage, but they are going to think a tornado blew thru the driveway! I guess I need to write to mapquest!

1 comment:

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Oh, so it was you who took out my bushes!!!

I'll have to report you to Homeland Security.