Wednesday, January 25, 2006

What does it mean?

Recently in Umatilla, Florida I tried to figure out where they came up with that name. I asked three different people, who had no idea. They all looked at me like I had lost my mind for asking. Anyway, my son came up with this theory - Two rednecks are talking to each other, one says, "What the heck's the name of that thing that you steer your boat with?" The other redneck replies, "UMMM- a tiller???" Hence they named the town.

I guess I could Google the name, but I am scared homeland security will knock on my door.


jellyhead said...

I have no fear of homeland security (whatever that is?!), so I googled. Umatilla, Florida was named after Umatilla, Oregon. Umatilla may refer to an Indian word for rocks OR it may relate to an Indian word 'um' (don't know how it's spelt - this was an audio segment I heard) meaning mouth. This is according to an oral historian from the area.

I wasn't all that much help, was I?!

By the way, I love the story of you taking out someone's driveway! Bushes, smushes - they'll grow back!

TUFFENUF said...

Yes you were! Thank you! I was just kidding about the google thing. It is difficult and embarassing to explain - but our president is an idiot. He wants to check google's records, to see what the American people are looking up (?) This will be his way of locating terrorists! Soon I will be moving down under!

jellyhead said...

You've been very quiet these last few days, Tuffenuf. Everything OK?