Saturday, January 14, 2006

Martin Luther King Day Parade

The band director tunes up the all the horns before the parade.
Our boys marched in the King Day parade. It was real windy today, and in the 60's, but the day turned out nice. One of the shakos (hats) rolled under my truck and as I was leaving - it got "squished"! I had to transport the big horns over to the starting point, hence my truck's nickname, "Mom's Tuba Taxi". It was not my intention to march with the band today. I was just going to shoot a few photos and wait in the car. By the time I caught up with them, got ahead of them enough for the shot, we were halfway through the route, so I walked it anyway. Good exercise for me.

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jellyhead said...

The band looks great! You must be really proud of the band, and of course your son.