Thursday, January 19, 2006

Dressed up horsie!

The road to Marion's ranch.

Last night my friend Marion called me about the cold weather. It was gonna be down in the 40's (cold for Florida) and she wanted to blanket the horse (Barr). Marion was worried that Barr would get hot today and that he would be uncomfortable. Marion had to go to work, so she asked me to go out and undress him this morning.
When I got there Barr was standing in the shadow of the barn cause he was hot as soon as the sun came up. When I went to take that contraption off his head, I thought I had all the catches unclipped, so I started to pull it off. I didn't realize that I had missed the velcro throat latch. So Barr steps back when I am trying to pull the hood off over his head, and it gets stuck and covers his eyes. He freaks and runs a few steps, before I start talking to him to calm him down. It scared me for a minute, cause I could just see him running blind and crashing into something. I remembered the apple in my pocket and I tempted him with it as I talked him down. He finally let me get near him and food won out over fear. I got the hood off him, then the blanket. He was happy and finally cool. "Whew".

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Texas2Tennessee said...

You're a good egg Tuff!