Monday, January 02, 2006

"Stormy", the horse, I am sorry to say - has died

"STORMY" (the white one)
Last Friday my friend, Marion, asked me to come out to her place because her horse was sick. I went out there and encouraged a very sick, lethargic horse to eat a little bran, while we waited for the vet to arrive. The vet came and looked at the horse, then took a lead rope and walked her around in a circle. He determined that the horse might have West Nile Fever, or possibly some sort of liver damage. He took blood and a stool sample to confirm this, and said he would call with the lab results the next day. Saturday, Stormy took a turn for the worse, and had difficultly breathing, then could not stand, and subsequently died.
My friend, Marion, is an animal lover. She was already grieving over the recent loss of her dog, "Miles". Marion is the kind of person that treats her pets like children. Not only is she saddened by the death of Stormy, she is worrying about her other horse, the gelding, "Barr". She is wondering what pain he must be experiencing with the loss of his girlfriend / stable mate, Stormy. All animals should be lucky enough to have "Mums" like Marion. What a wonderful life Miles and Stormy had, thanks to Marion.


Texas2Tennessee said...

The soft nuzzle of an equine nose, the chortling and head bobbing in recognition of its human friends. I'm so sorry for your loss and that of your friend's. Our beloved pets, they do leave pawprints and hoofprints on our hearts.

TUFFENUF said...

t2t - ahh yes! you know the sweet smell of horse I see! Thanks for your comments. I sent my friend a sympathy card with photos of Stormy. I hope it will comfort her, and I will pass along your eloquent thoughts.

Hiding in the High Desert said...

Please extend my heartfelt sympathies to Marion. You know I have lost several furry family members in the past few years and it is never easy for the human family or the furry ones left behind.