Thursday, February 16, 2006

Back to normal

We are back to our normal temperature here in Florida. We had a few cold days, and actually saw frost for the first time this year. I like the mild weather, that is why I live here. Soon the long, hot summer will be upon us, with 90+ degrees everyday. I still love it, I am too old to handle snow anymore. I was born in New York and I remember playing in the snow and walking to school in the snow. In contrast, my son has always lived in Florida, and doesn't know what real cold is. I can't ever get him to put on a jacket, the most I can get him to wear is a hooded sweatshirt. He asked me what the white stuff (frost) was on the grass yesterday, and was amazed that he could see his breath! The temperature should go up into the high 70's today. ahhhhhh!


jellyhead said...

Did your son *really* ask you what the frost was? That's very funny!

Hope the warmer weather came your way as expected

Motherkitty said...

We are not "back to normal" here in KY. I was sitting at my computer this afternoon and I heard a winter weather advisory on the TV. Could not believe it because it was gorgeous outside. Seems we are in for a bit of weather coming down the Canadian bad weather chute. No telling how much snow and/or ice we are to receive. If we get a good accumulation, I will take some pictures and post them so your son can see what we get. Can't believe he didn't know what frost was. Yes, I can. Used to live in Miami Beach so I know about the lack of seasons down there.

Thanks for the nice comments about my grandkids. Pictures tell a story but they sure don't do justice to their real beauty. I wish I knew how to post those mini movie clips with sound, then you could hear the little one's rendition of Jinga Bells, Jinga alla way. We're going to get one of those photo thingies you were talking about. I didn't even know they existed. Thanks.