Saturday, February 11, 2006

Barr meeting Katie for the first time.

"I really like you, have some of my hay!"

Friday I moved Katie over to Barr's pasture. We had a little trouble getting Katie to load up into the horse trailer, but finally (after and hour and forty-five minutes) she stepped right in. I have moved a lot of horses over the years. Upon arrival at the new place, you have to make sure the new horse gets familiar with the pasture. You do this by walking them around the perimeter a couple of times, so they know the boundries. After a couple of hours, you can bring in the other horses. Usually there is the dominance dance, when they sometimes, squeal, bite and kick. They will run for a while, then eventually settle down. When I brought Barr in, I have never seen such love. It was a true Valentines Day meeting. He loved her at first sight. He sniffed her, she made a little squeal, and kicked her back legs. That was it. No running or biting. They took to each other like bread and butter. He even let her eat grain out of his bucket. If Barr had a thumb, I would have gotten the "thumbs up" from him.


Motherkitty said...

What a nice "love" story. They're horsemates. (Are horses monogamus?)

jellyhead said...

Oh, those photos are so sweet. This is such a feel-good post, Tuff! You've made my morning.

PHOTO said...

Hi TUFFENUF. I wish I could take my camera to work but it's not allowed. However I can take a picture of the bulding. There's about 42 acres under roof so it's impressive.

Thanks for the comment about the birds. Wife and love to stand at the kitchen sink and watch them.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

That was a sweet story about the horses...and I didn't know they acted that way (as I've not been around horses alot).

That's just how other animals act, like my cats, but it takes them a long while usually to adjust to their new environment and for the others to accept the new comer.