Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Lottery winner!

I went out to my friends pasture to look at the horses. She has five horses and needs to give away three of them. I am interested in taking an eight year old mare, named "GATOR" (who the hell gave her that name?) She is a sweet horse, in good condition, and I think she will make a nice friend for Barr. Sorry, I forgot to take my camera, so this photo from my cell phone will have to do. I think I will name her "Katie" because it is more of a girl's name, and it sounds a little like Gator, so the horse won't be confused! The horse is brown with a white face, light brown mane and tail, and one white stocking on the left rear leg. She is pretty, with a nice disposition, I think Marion will like her. When Stormy died, Marion's brother said the nicest thing. He said "somewhere a horse has won the lottery", referring to the fact that any horse who ends up being cared for by Marion will never want for anything! I think Katie is the winner.

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Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I love horses, but I really don't have the place for them...and I would want them near me. I once had two, rather large ponies...they were almost as large as horses. They were so sweet, but when the kids got to be teens, they lost interest and we gave them to another family, who would appreciate them. My son-in-law trades horses all the time. People have them and, like your friend, they have to give them away...so he ends up with them. Last year he was given two horses and one colt, in exchange for some work he did.

Katie sounds like a good name for your horse.