Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Metric recipe for disaster!

I am not the best cook in the world. I try to feed the family healty meals, even if they are not fancy. My son likes Shepard's Pie. The kind they make at school, not mine! I have tried several recipes that I have found in cook books and on the internet, but I cannot seem to get it right. While grocery shopping the other day, I found this Knorr packet to make Shepard's Pie and I thought that was a good idea, that maybe this would be the one that he likes. Last night I began to fix the meal and I quickly discovered that the directions were "foreign" to me. The recipe called for 450g of beef, 700g mashed potato, 300ml of water! I had NO IDEA what any of this means! A closer look at the packet showed that it was from Dublin, Ireland. How stupid are we here in America that we haven't made the conversion to metric like the rest of the world! I muddled through with the help of a conversion chart that I found on the internet. He ate it, but I could tell that it still wasn't up to the standard of the school lunch ladies!


Abandoned in Pasadena said...

The USA has always threatened to go metric for years...but I haven't seen any changes yet.

Peter said...

Hi Tuff, thanks for the visit to holtieshouse, new readers are always welcome.
I've been browsing your site, as I usually do when a newbie comes along, a couple of things have caught my interest, your Q and A post on Australia and now SHEPHERDS PIE, aside from the problems you had with metric conversions you appear to be using the wrong ingredients!!!!
This pie must be made with finely minced COOKED lamb, the left overs from a roast lamb dinner!!!!
It won't work properly with anything else although a similar dish can be made wit roast beef leftovers, MAYBE this is the SHEPARDS PIE you have been trying??? COOKED BEEF is the answer. Mar 07 2006 post