Tuesday, March 07, 2006

New doggie door

Over the past weekend I put a new doggie door in the back screen porch. They already had a flap to go out to the porch, now they can go all the way out by themselves. Now I hear the sound of "flap-flap" then "flap-flap" again and again, as they practice going in and out of their new door.

Buddy says, "I like it OK, but I would rather stay outside."


Abandoned in Pasadena said...

My brother keeps after me to put up a door for the cats, like his...but I am reluctant to.
The cats will bring dead or maybe even live rhodents into the house.

We also have a skunk and a opossum who come daily to eat the cats food and I know that they would venture inside. It doesn't matter how creative I am in hiding the cats food outdoors...the skunk and opossum always find it.

Do your dogs bring dead things thru your dog door?

TUFFENUF said...

Hey Aban. NO, they haven't yet, not that I have discovered anyway! I did see my Airedale kill a snake once right outside the door. He grabbed it, shook it, killed it in one fell swoop! No other critters have ventured in, but time will tell. The doggie door does have a hard door that can be slid in at night to close off the flap.

jellyhead said...

Ah, doggy independence! Let's hope this saves you all those trips to the door to let your pooches in or out!

I loved your story (on my blog comments) about your boys remembering 3 weekends of yard work as 'every weekend'! I'm sure all kids do that to their parents - memories are never quite accurate. On the other hand, maybe they'll also say, 'remember how you used to take us to that ice-cream shop every Sunday', or whatever, when in reality it was only now and then. We can only hope so, anyway!!

Motherkitty said...

As Abandoned In Pasadena's sister-in-law, I can attest to the fact that my ferocious hunter-gatherer cats love to hunt for living and non-living creatures, gather them up, present them to me INSIDE MY HOUSE, and sometimes jump across me while I am sleeping in my bed with these creatures in their mouths. These creatures in most cases have tails sticking out of the cats' mouths.

Yes, they enter and exit via the flapable kitty door. I have one kitten that brings me dead leaves on a daily basis, which ensures that my kitchen floor gets swept each morning.

To the cats, it's the ultimate game.

I've also had occasional "visitor" cats stick their heads in my house via the kitty door but my six ferocious cats will deter these visitors by raising their heads, looking the intruder right in the eye, maybe rumbling in their throats, and then going back to sleep. It's an adventure.