Monday, March 20, 2006

Sweet 16

Today was my son's 16th birthday. I find it so hard to believe. Time has gone by in a flash. Wasn't he just learning to talk, walk, go to the potty? Wasn't that just yesterday? He is a wonderful son, I love him so much, I am so proud of him. I remember the first "joke" he told. He was about 2 years old, around Christmas time. He was looking out the window as we were riding in the car, he said, "Mommy, see those birds sitting on the wire?" "They are holding on with their foot claws, not their santa claus." That was the beginning of the wise guy comments! He is naturally funny. Today he had three of his teenage friends come to the house for a couple of hours. They sat around and laughed and joked and played video games. He was embarassed that I put up a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" banner, but I refused to take it down. They all had cake and ice cream, but we didn't DARE sing the birthday song!


jellyhead said...

That's a very clever joke for a 2-year-old - no wonder you were impressed!

Happy Birthday to your son... and he should count himself lucky you didn't sing. After all, what else are teenage children for if not to embarrass in front of their friends?!

By the way, Tuff, your Sunday post only just appeared today (it is Tues pm here, early Tues am there). I checked your blog this morning (ie Mon early afternoon your time), and there was no post. Weird. I guess it's some blogger thing.

jellyhead said...

Hey, Tuff, I think we just did synchronised posting! I came back to my blog after writing the previous comment, to find you'd just commented.

They say great minds think alike, right?

Motherkitty said...

Congratulations, mom, on surviving your son's first 16 years. Now come the "interesting" years and increased car insurance. Enjoy them while you can.

So, happy 16th birthday, son. Give your mom a hug and a kiss because she's special. She had you!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Happy Birthday to your son and you should have gone ahead and sang the Happy Birthday song anyway.LOL
I still sing it for my grown up kids especially if we are in a public place just to embarrass them.