Saturday, November 05, 2005

"Banding together"

We had an away game Friday night, and this is the band performing at the half-time show. The show is getting better all the time, too bad we are at the end of the season, it went by fast. Tomorrow is the last competition, so I am up this late because I am washing their uniforms. OH! the life of a band parent! I pull the equipment trailer to all the band functions. Tonight, when I pulled in, a parking lot lady with no sense told me to park it on the field next to the stadium. When I drove in with the "HEMI" towing that 24 foot trailer, I felt it sink into the sod. After the game, it was hell getting out of there. My tires kept spinning and throwing mud onto the trailer. I finally got out of there. The trailer was covered with spin off mud, or so I thought until I got to the carwash and saw this! Yes, that is green grass all over the trailer! I am glad I washed it off (grass stain) right away.The turf at that field must be really torn up. There is NO dirt in this photo, that is all SOD! I hope they didn't get my tag number!

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