Friday, November 04, 2005

Blogs I love to read

Since I have discovered blogging - there are several sites worth mentioning. I have surfed the blogs - mostly on blogspot, and now there are some blogs that I read everyday. There are some incredible writers out there. Some of my favorite are "Matthew's Blog", the daily story and photos of a very ill little baby named Matthew and how his parents are dealing with his illness - I check it out almost everyday, to see how he is progressing. His daddy reports on him daily, usually with photos of his smiley little face. Little Matthew brightens my day. Another great blog is "Epiphenita", a wonderful and witty writer of contemporary thoughts that will keep you thinking and laughing all the time. I have also discovered "texas2tennessee", the blog of a woman living at a retreat who is quite a descriptive writer and photographer. Check these out, they are worth the read. On the other hand, I have also surfed through some real crap, written by psychos.

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