Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Finally. . .

The tuba is here. . .finally. It was suposed to be here ten days ago, but "OH" they were "busy" and didn't mail it on time. (f**k-heads!) Now the boy only has three days to get used to playing with a 30 pound chunk of metal on his shoulder. Buddy says, "What is it?" and Ransome thinks something is hiding in the case - he keeps walking around it and smelling it. He will just "guard" it until something pops out. I can't lift the thing, good thing the case has wheels. I have no idea how the boy is gonna carry this thing on his shoulder all weekend, much less, march with it, play it, and hold it in front of him at parade rest. He is determined to be successful, and I am proud of him for trying so hard. Audition camp is this weekend in Kissemmee, and he will be "camped out" on a high school gym floor from Friday night until Sunday afternoon. Keep your fingers crossed that he passes the audition.

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