Thursday, November 17, 2005

Just wait by the mailbox

If you haven't started Christmas shopping, you should get busy with it now. I sent my mother a new 6 ft., pre-lit Christmas tree. She was complaining last year that her tree was too difficult to put together so the new one has "hinged" branches, already attached, that just fold out. It takes about ten minutes to set it up - then you just plug it in and add ornaments. Anyway, I bought the tree online from target, free shipping, delivered in two days. I am a fan of internet shopping. You don't have to leave the house, and this time of year many of the online retailers have free shipping, and most have no sales tax. There are professional Christmas shoppers, who shop for people who are too busy/lazy/selfish to do their own shopping. This could be a great internet business - have them list their desired gifts, then you could search for the best deal, order for them and have the gifts send directly to them. You could charge for this service, and never leave your computer. Just another one of my "get rich quick" ideas.

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