Sunday, November 13, 2005

Be the first on my "blog!"......... contribute to my son's tuba fund! Yes, you heard it here first. My son is auditioning in December to march with "The Magic", a DCI band that tours the county in the summer. For more info see and click on the left side blue button "about us". Only problem with all this is that he currently plays the sousaphone, and this band plays a convertible tuba (see photo). Instead of wrapping around you like the sousaphone, these tubas (affectionly known as "buicks" because of their weight and size) are carried and played on your left shoulder - all this while you are marching. The Magic will provide a tuba for him if he gets in - but he really wants one to practice with at home. These big brass babies start at about $5000. I have been shopping around and found a used one, only 2 years old for $2500. Any suggestions about how I can beg, borrow or steal money for this project will be appreciated. Also, to all my friends everywhere - if there is anything I own that you want - call me - let's make a deal. I have no idea how I will pull this off, but some how, some way - I will get that boy his tuba!

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